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About GIC Asia Pacific

GIC Asia Pacific founded by key personnel enrolling in glove industry since 1998. The personnel were the key directors of glove former manufacturing factories based in Hong Kong, while having factories and branches in China and Malaysia.

In the meantime, we have been supplying ceramic glove formers and NBR Latex [key materials for nitrile gloves dipping] to few local glove manufacturers herein Malaysia. Thanks to this business nature, the authentic source of gloves are made accessible to our customers. 

We started with a mission to provide authentic glove obtaining from reliable sources, after hearing so much tragedies happened to our customers, where they came across with different criminal fraud that caused their lost up to million US Dollars. Therefore, it is always important to seek for supply from reliable sources to avoid fraudulent.

Why working with Us?


Our Key Principles

We hereby embrace our customers with our primary CARE principles.

C-Customers Oriented
A-Affordable products
R-Reliable Supply Source
E-Excellent quality service provider

Strategic Sourcing Partnership with FOSUN TRADE

GIC Asia Pacific  are proud to be FOSUN TRADE's regional sourcing agent in Southeast Asia Region.

FOSUN TRADE always committed to the Group's universal mission, which is to make the lives of every family in the world happier. Thanks to its professionalism in source-searching, Fosun Trade is now an outstanding product selection center worldwide.


Our Close Relationship with Factories

We have established close and harmonic business relationship with few PUBLICLY LISTED and HIGHLY REPUTATED glove companies in Malaysia.

In providing service to our customers, we always ensure the quality and performance of the products are in satisfied condition as required. We are also able to fulfil any specific requirement of the gloves which probably require the manufacturer to custom made.

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About Export

Apart from supplying PPE and medical devices locally, we are having years of experience in exporting PPE to several countries around the world.

Apart from PPE and medical devices, we are also accepting any export enquiry about other commodities. We are your trusted sourcing partner. 

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