Syringes & Injections

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Disposable Syringes [ Luer Lock/Slip Syringe ]

Product Features​

  • Luer slip, Luer lock, Ecentric, Cathether, Toomey tip style

  • Available with / without needle

  • Available in Latex / Latex Free / O-ring / TEP Piston form

  • Special Design to prevent plunger from slipping out

  • Package, Needle, Color, Cap can be made according to needs

  • In Blister Package

  • Available in from 0.5ml / 1ml / 3ml / 5-6ml / 10-12ml / 20ml / 30-35ml / 50-60ml / 100ml

Tuberculin Syringe

Product Features

  • Luer Slip , Luer Lock , Permanently Attached Needle

  • Low dead space and regular for option

  • Clear, Bold, Unobstructed Graduations

  • Ultra sharp needle minimizes pain upon injection

  • Single blister , plastic tray packages for option

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Beauty Syringes.jpeg

Luer Lock Beauty Syringes with Exchangeable Needles

Product Features

  • Luer Lock tip, low dead space

  • Available in with / without needle

  • Made of polycarbonate or polypropylene

  • Clear, Bold and Unobstructed Graduations

  • Bulk and Single blister package for option

  • Available from 1ml with 27G x 4mm to 1ml with 32G x 4mm

Luer Lock High Pressure Syringe

Product Features

  • Made of polycarbonate (withstand high pressure)

  • Clear, bold and unobstructed graduations

  • Available in 1ml / 3ml / 5ml / 10ml/ 20ml / 30ml luer lock tip

  • Bulk and single blister package for option

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Pre-filled Syringes.jpeg

Luer Lock / Slip Prefilled Syringes

Product Features

  • Prefilling syringes with drugs enhances safety, saline and heparin

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing

  • Virtual Elimination of syringe reflux

  • Gamma Ray Sterilisation

  • Available in various size and packages

  • Available from 2-3ml Luer Lock to 30-35ml Luer Lock

Irrigation Syringe / Kits

Product Features

  • Full Ranges Volume of 20ml, 35ml, 60ml, 100ml, 150ml

  • Flat type, ring type, bulb type

  • Alcohol bag, Cleaning Paper, Plastic Bottle

  • In Blister Package / PE Bag / Plastic tray

Irrigation Syringes (1)
Irrigation Syringes (1)

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Irrigation Syringes (2)
Irrigation Syringes (2)

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Irrigation Syringes (1)
Irrigation Syringes (1)

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Allergy Trays.jpeg

Allergy / Flu / Immunization Syringes with Fixed Needle

Product Features

  • Permanently attached needle

  • Ultra-Comfort bevel for injection

  • Accu-Tip Flat Plunger Tip

  • Graduations: 0.01ml 25 Syringes 

  • In Blister Package / Polymer bag / Tray Package

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